How to Deal with the Slip Ring Heating?

September 25, 2019
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Take measures to increase cooling ventilation, such as mounted external axial fan for cooling. When the temperature of the brush or the slip ring is high, the fan can be activated to enhance the surface heat exchange, and the cooling effect is ideal.


Improving the maintenance quality of brush, eliminating the heat defects in time and uses the original manufacturer's brushes and brush boxes as much as possible. The carbon brush should be moved up and down freely in the brush holder. The gap between the carbon brush and the brush should be 0.1 ~ 0.2mm, and the brush should be free from jumping, shaking or jamming.


The surface is bright and free of impurities. The spring pressing force should be adjusted to 11~12N. If the pressing force is too small, the brush should be replaced or the pressure should be adjusted. The surface temperature of the sliding ring should be no more than 120 °C. In addition, when the brush is ground to 2/3 of its height or poor contact, it should be replaced. The brush holder should be clean. When the surface of the slip ring is too thick or the surface is too rough, it should be polished with the finest abrasive cloth or white cloth, do not polished with the coarse cloth.