Main Performance Index of JINPAT Slip Ring

August 29, 2019
Latest company news about Main Performance Index of JINPAT Slip Ring

The performance test of the slip ring can better reflect the comprehensive performance of the slip ring and find problems in time.


The main performance indicators include product appearance and structural testing, normal life testing of slip rings, static contact resistance, dynamic contact resistance, insulation resistance, electrical strength and friction torque testing.


1. Dynamic contact resistance test

The dynamic resistance fluctuation value refers to the variation range of the slip ring resistance value caused by the change of the contact state between the brush wire and the copper ring contact point during the operation of the slip ring. JINPAT Electronics adopts advanced manufacturing technology, and the slip ring dynamic contact resistance fluctuation value can be as small as 5mΩ, which can meet various equipment requirements.


2. insulation resistance test

Insulation resistance is the most basic insulation indicator for electrical equipment and electrical circuits. It can measure the safety performance of electrical equipment and reflect the insulation status of electrical equipment. JINPAT conductive slip ring is made of multi-ring precision positioning ring, which is precision machined by special process high temperature curing. The general insulation resistance is ≥500M@500VDC (power) or ≥100M@200VDC (signal), it can also be customized.


3. Life span test

JINPAT electronic testing equipment can simulate the different application environments -- high and low temperature, voltage, speed, signal frequency, data transmission rate, etc. We measure the life span of conductive slip ring under different environments, strictly conduct material sampling to ensure our quality.


If you have any other special test requirements, we can also test according to your needs.


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