Basic Categorizing of Rotary Joints

May 12, 2021
Latest company news about Basic Categorizing of Rotary Joints

To enable 360-degrees unrestricted and constant rotary transmission of power, gas, fluid, optical signals and weak electrical signals in the electromechanical system, a rotary joint is needed to be installed. According to the functions of the slip rings, they can be basically classified in to several types. In the following, we will take a look at these several rotary joint types.



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JINPAT Fiber Optic Rotary Joint

In the current electromechanical products, most take up electrical drive system. Therefore, the major demand in the market is electrical slip rings and electrical rotary joints that facilitate rotary power transmission in the mechanical systems. This electrical slip rings are to provide solution for transmitting power and also weak electrical signals. And to further distinguish the two fulfilling different functions, they can be divided into power slip ring and signal slip ring. However, in most cases, power slip ring and signal slip ring are bonded together. Radio frequency rotary joint is a weak signal slip ring. It is generally integrated in a hollow shaft slip ring.


Aside from electrical slip rings, fiber optic rotary joints are also common signal components. Different from conventional electrical swivel joints, optical slip rings especially designed to transmit optical signal with certain wavelength from 650~1650nm. Besides, optical rotary joint also features a built-in prism or a reflector. Without a friction pair system, there is no physical contact between the stator and the rotor during operation. As a result, optical slip ring enjoys a longer service life than the electrical rotary joints.

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JINPAT Pneumatic Hydraulic Rotary Unions

Last but not least, pneumatic/hydraulic rotary union is also a very characteristic slip ring type. They are generally applied in the automation manufacturer industry. The sole function of pneumatic/ hydraulic rotary joint is to transmit gas or liquid between the stationary part and rotating part. A more practical solution is a hybrid slip ring with electrical conductivity.


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