Wise and Reliable Hybrid Slip Ring Solutions

May 18, 2021
Latest company news about Wise and Reliable Hybrid Slip Ring Solutions

In electrical equipment and devices, there is great need in allowing different parts to move while maintaining electronic function. The problem becomes especially challenging when the part of the devices need to rotate in a 360-degree. Slip rings and rotary joints are essential components to solve such problem. A slip ring allows power transmission between the rotating part and the stationary part while enabling 360-degree rotation.

However, with the development of the industrial field and automated manufacture, electrical slip ring with sole function of transmitting power is not enough. With more complex and versatile electronic devices, instruments and machines, there are more challenging task of the slip ring and the rotary joint.



latest company news about Wise and Reliable Hybrid Slip Ring Solutions  0


JINPAT Hybrid Slip Ring, Through Bore Slip Ring, Ethernet Slip Ring

JINPAT Electronics, with years of experience in the slip ring industry, has developed slip rings for various purposes and industries. To solve the complex problems of the clients, JINPAT provides wise and reliable hybrid slip ring solutions.

JINPAT has a mature and experienced technological team. You can tell our technicians and engineers about your device and requirements. JINPAT will come up with an economical and well-function hybrid slip ring solution for you! JINPAT Electronics has more successful hybrid slip ring cases. Our customers are very satisfied with the design and our slip ring product.

JINPAT hybrid slip rings can transmit a wide range of signals like USB, Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI, RS, LVDS, SDI, FireWire and Can bus, etc.