JINPAT Hydraulic/ Pneumatic Rotary Unions and Hybrid Slip Ring Solutions

May 21, 2021
Latest company news about JINPAT Hydraulic/ Pneumatic Rotary Unions and Hybrid Slip Ring Solutions

JINPAT Electronics is a professional slip ring manufacturer. JINPAT provides 360-degree rotary transmission solutions to various applications and industries. Electrical slip rings and rotary joints are the major products of JINPAT. Beside, JINPAT also produces rotary unions that facilitate rotary transmission of gas and fluid, namely hydraulic/ pneumatic rotary unions or rotary joints. Aside from standard rotary unions, JINPAT is also an expert in designing hybrid solutions, integrating electrical slip ring with the rotary unions.

For a starter, let’s take a look at JINPAT Rotary Union LPP series. JINPAT rotary unions adopt special sealing surface with advanced sealing technique and therefore guarantee no leakage. JINPAT LPP rotary unions, rotary joints are able to rotate in 360-degree smoothly. With great wear resistance and corrosion resistance, JINPAT rotary unions enjoy a longer service life and more reliable operation.


JINPAT Rotary Unions for Gas and Fluid

JINPAT LPP rotary union provides hydraulic/pneumatic transmission of liquids and gas like coolant, hot water, hot oil, chemical processing liquid, compressed air, steam, nitrogen, and other inert gases, etc. To enable such a complex variety of liquid and gas medium, the rotary unions should endure high and low temperature while keeping an excellent corrosion resistance. JINPAT hydraulic pneumatic rotary joints excel in these aspects. JINPAT standard rotary unions and rotary joints for gas and liquid are available in wholesale. With a mature and efficient factory, JINPAT is able to deliver the goods in a short time. With a systematic pre-delivery inspection system, you don’t have to worry about the quality of our product.


latest company news about JINPAT Hydraulic/ Pneumatic Rotary Unions and Hybrid Slip Ring Solutions  0


JINPAT Hybrid Slip Ring for Power, Gas and Fluid Transmission

Rotary union itself might not be sufficient for today’s industrial needs. So, most of JINPAT’s clients choose a hybrid solution with the electrical slip ring. For example, LPPL120-02A-0402-E2 is a hybrid slip ring/ rotary joint that integrates a rotary union with an electrical slip ring. This kind of slip rings are high technology product and are very demanding in their design and manufacture. To ensure no interference between power, signal and gas transmission, this hybrid slip ring adopt module design. There are 2 gas channels in this JINPAT hybrid rotary union, with a channel diameter of 120mm. As for the electrical module, there are 4 2A power channel and 1 Ethernet signal channel. Such slip ring model is applied in the automatic production industry.

JINPAT hybrid slip rings can be designed according to your requirements. The signal module allows transmission of various signals like Ethernet, USB, industrial bus, sensor, Electromagnetic valve signals, throttle signals, angle signals and so on. Housing material, number of channels, shaft diameter, channel diameter, current, voltage and protection are also customizable.

JINPAT Electronics has an experienced technology team, our design and slip rings, rotary joints and rotary unions have a good reputation in the industry. Start now by sending an enquiry mail to us!

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