JINPAT Gigabit Ethernet Fast Ethernet Integrated Slip Rings

May 25, 2021
Latest company news about JINPAT Gigabit Ethernet Fast Ethernet Integrated Slip Rings

The Ethernet signal is a very commonly used signal in the mechatronic era. Generally speaking, the hydraulic/pneumatic rotary joints are integrated in an electrical slip ring with capability to transmit both Gigabit Ethernet and Fast Ethernet. These two kinds of Ethernet signals demand twisted-pair to enable transmission. The Fast Ethernet, also known as 100M Ethernet needs 4 twisted-pairs while the Gigabit Ethernet demands 8.

JINPAT Electronics, is a slip ring expert with over 20 years of experience in slip ring R&D, production, sales and service. JINPAT has a wide range of rotary unions and slip rings. Besides, JINPAT Electronics is also adept at providing hybrid slip ring solution. Among JINPAT’s slip ring models, those with capacity of transmitting Gigabit Ethernet is coded with “E3” while Fast Ethernet with “E2”.


Capsule Ethernet Integrated Slip Ring

The hybrid electrical slip rings that can transmit Gigabit Ethernet and 100M signals are custom solutions of JINPAT Electronics. Let’s look at one characteristic representative, LPM-18F-0601-E3-E2. It is the hybrid slip ring with the smallest size, with a diameter of only 12.8mm and a length of 23.5mm. It is the smallest slip ring in the market that can transmit Gigabit Ethernet and Fast Ethernet signal simultaneously. This advantage in its size, allows JINPAT Gigabit Ethernet Fast Ethernet Integrated Slip Ring to fit in high-precision electronic appliance that has high requirements of signal transmission but with limited installation space.


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Through Hole Ethernet Integrated Slip Ring

Highly integrated slip rings in compact size are an epitome of JINPAT edge-cutting design and advanced manufacturing technique. JINPAT is also mature in developing hybrid slip ring in a larger scale. LPT100-0550-0530-0420-1610-60S-E3-E2 is a jumbo of these hybrid slip rings. The through bore diameter reaches 100mm. The length of the stator is 732mm, the length of the line exit terminal is 60mm, so the rotary side length adds up t0 792mm with a diameter of 240mm. With a large volume, this slip ring can integrate 20 power channels and 60 channels for different signals. It has 1 Gigabit Ethernet channel and 1 Fast Ethernet channel. Hybrid slip ring like this is highly technology-intense product, and JINPAT is the pioneer in this field.

JINPAT Electronics has an experienced technology team. Talk to our expert and make a more effective and economical slip ring solution with JINPAT!