Breakthrough in JINPAT UAV Electro-optical Slip Rings

December 18, 2020
Latest company news about Breakthrough in JINPAT UAV Electro-optical Slip Rings

JINPAT Electronics is a well-established slip ring manufacturer, with over 30-year experience in providing rotary transmission solutions to the customers. JINPAT Electronics is also a slip ring company with the most patented inventions in China. Our Research and Development team has never stopped in developing new technology to improve the performance of our slip rings. JINPAT makes an effort in developing exclusive slip rings for UAVs.

LPC-3402-46S-HD01 is a slip ring model developed for UAV electro-optical reconnaissance system. LPC-3402-46S-HD01 slip ring supports multi-channel transmission of sensor signals and video signals. This UAV electro-optical pod slip ring integrates many channels within a compact structure. It is a key player in the electro-optical reconnaissance system. LPC-3402-46S-HD01 embraces excellent and stable properties.

Technical breakthroughs of LPC-3402-46S-HD01:

  • Realize image motion compensation, smoothing of the sliced images seams, improving the display effect of the sliced images and real-time splicing wide-area image during 360-degree rotation.
  • Supports power to the servo motor while conducting constant transmission and processing of various signals: Ethernet, HD-SDI and Cameralink, etc.
  • With the trend of light-weight small size UAV, JINPAT enhances the processing and assembling techniques of the slip ring to fit in the limited installation space.
  • Enhanced performance in low-temperature endurance, shock and impact endurance to cope with the working environment of UAVs.


JINPAT UAV electro-optical slip rings adopt light-weight metal, precious metal plating and gold-to-gold contact. With the enhanced techniques, LPC-3402-46S-HD01 excels in providing a constant and reliable rotary transmission.