JINPAT Latest Slip Ring Model for Photoelectric Pod

December 17, 2020
Latest company news about JINPAT Latest Slip Ring Model for Photoelectric Pod

JINPAT Electronics is a well-established slip ring manufacturer, with over 30-year experience in providing rotary transmission solutions to the customers. JINPAT Electronics is also a slip ring company with the most patented inventions in China. Our Research and Development team has never stopped in developing new technology to improve the performance of our slip rings. Lately, JINPAT has made a breakthrough in the super miniature slip ring series. JINPAT proudly presents to you LPMS-80S. This slip ring model is developed for photoelectric pod.

LPMS-80S is one of JINPAT high precision slip rings which have a sophisticated and exquisite design. This high precision slip ring is high-end, with a compact size while integrating large numbers of channels. LPMS-80S slip ring also features high precision and low electrical noise.

And what else is so special with JINPAT latest slip ring, coded LPMS-80S, for photoelectric pod?

LPMS-80S is a super miniature slip ring. This latest slip ring model integrates up to 80 channels, with a rather compact size, 17.4mm in outer diameter and 50.8mm in length. JINPAT adopt special technique to process the isolation layer. With the 0.05mm isolation layer, its dielectric strength is above 500VAC and its insulation resistance is above 100MΩ.

Talking of the housing, LPMS-80S adopts stainless metal that has great performance against corrosion. In process, the housing of LPMS-80S goes through high/low temperature test and modification and therefore achieves great stability in its size. Wires exit locates on the flank of the rotor which facilitates the installation. Torque is no more than 0.00006N*M. LPMS-80S transmits various signals at the same time and free of interference. LPMS-80S has gone through numerous tests, with its compact size and extraordinary performances is also very stable and reliable. It outperforms many other similar slip rings. LPMS-80S is the best choice for application like photoelectric pod where space is limited while the power and signal transmission is quite demanding.

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