What Kinds of Slip Rings Are Installed in The Luxury Cruise Ship? Vol.2

December 15, 2020
Latest company news about What Kinds of Slip Rings Are Installed in The Luxury Cruise Ship? Vol.2

Luxury cruise ships are the most representative in case of high-end marine technology. They are favored by the latest and high technology. So, aside from INS, podded propeller system mentioned in our previous volume, there are still many applications that demand slip rings in the luxury cruise ships. Take Freedom class cruise ship for example, having the largest displacement, there are lots of functional sections on the ship aside from the fundamental mechanic system and cabins, like amusement park, show stage and others. Slip rings are frequently used in this kind of place in the luxury cruise ships.

Now, JINPAT Electronics, as a slip ring expert, is going to disclose other applications that are in need of electrical slip rings. First, let’s take a look at the recreation facilities. Thanks to its super large capacity, many recreation facilities on the land can be implanted on the luxury cruise. A most typical example is the merry-go-around. Carousels are special in design. There are lots of luxurious decorations especially light bulbs. The light bulbs are programed to flash with the melody and the movement of the wooden horses. This is where slip rings are adopted to transmit signal and power.

Luxury cruise ships are multifunctional. They are mini- cities. So with the dense population, there must be monitoring system in the public area on deck. Slip rings are installed in the speed drone cameras, which are common devices in the monitoring system. Beside, to ensure the health and safety of the passengers, there is medical cabin with advance medical equipment and devices. Slip rings are essential components of medical devices. JINPAT Electronics has developed specific slip rings for medical equipment.

From the designing to the manufacturing of a luxury cruise demands the cooperation of various departments and manufacturers. From the above content, JINPAT is approaching the luxury cruise from the view of a professional slip ring expert. JINPAT has many successful cases in developing slip rings for recreation facilities, monitoring systems, medical devices and podded drive systems. JINPAT slip rings are installed in various kinds of subsystems on the luxury cruise and become fundamental components that get the ship going. Contact JINPAT for customize transmit solutions! You will be surprised by our slip rings and service.