Brief Introduction of JINPAT Hybrid Electrical Slip Ring with Single Gas/liquid Channel

August 12, 2021
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In the market place today, custom slip rings take ups 90% of all the slip ring products. And among them, most are hybrid slip ring with multi functions. They are integrated slip rings that can transmit power, signals, liquid and/or gas. High end hybrid slip rings include optoelectronic slip rings and electrical radio frequency slip rings. JINPAT Electronics, as a slip ring manufacture with long history, has provided numerous rotary conductive solution for customers around the world. Most of the solutions JINPAT has provides are versatile hybrid slip ring solutions.

In the automation industry, pneumatic hydraulic rotary joints are frequently applied. Therefore, many slip ring manufacturers produce standard pneumatic hydraulic rotary unions, JINPAT Electronics is no exception. However, sole rotary unions are not enough to satisfy the needs in automation production process. Aside from the gas/liquid transmission, an electrical unit should be integrated. Among the custom slip ring solution for this industry, JINPAT Electronics integrates 1~36 pneumatic hydraulic channels with an electrical part.

JINPAT Hybrid Slip Ring with One Gas Liquid Channel LPT000-0508-E2-01A

Now let’s take a look at JINPAT custom hybrid slip ring solutions with 1 gas/liquid channel. Most of these hybrid slip rings adopt through bore slip ring or pancake slip ring as a structural base. LPK000-0405-01E2-01A is a slip ring model with 110mm diameter and a thickness of only 27mm (pneumatic/hydraulic rotary joint excluded). This pancake slip ring integrates 4 5A power channels, 1 100M Ethernet channel and 1 pneumatic/hydraulic channel.

As for those that are based on the through bore slip rings, there are more models. Recently, JINPAT has delivered a hybrid pneumatic hydraulic electrical slip ring with super low torque. The hybrid slip ring is coded SPT000-0406-0202-E2-01A. The most salient feature that distinguish it from other through hole hybrid slip ring, is its super low starting torque, 0.1N/M. This hybrid low torque slip ring integrates 4 6A channels, 2 2A channels and 1 industrial Ethernet channel.

Another latest slip ring model is LPT000-0508-E2-01A, whose function is very similar to SPT000-0406-0202-E2-01A. There are 5 8A power channels, 1 100M Ethernet channel with 1 channel integrated pneumatic hydraulic rotary joint. This slip ring is applied in welding robot for automobile producing. Different from the low torque slip ring model, it has a higher protection grading, IP65. But relatively, it would have a larger starting torque.