JINPAT Ethernet Slip Rings

August 9, 2021
Latest company news about JINPAT Ethernet Slip Rings

JINPAT Electronics is an electronic component company specialized in producing slip rings and rotary joints. JINPAT has a wide range of standard slip rings for different purposes and in various shapes. Aside from the standard slip ring, JINPAT also provide professional slip ring design that can cater the client’s personal requirements. Today, we will show a bit of JINPAT Ethernet slip rings.

JINPAT Ethernet slip rings have advantages over other similar products produced elsewhere. For example, customers can order an Ethernet slip ring with a large through bore design. 100M Ethernet slip ring with diameter 300mm max, while Gigabit Ethernet slip ring with diameter 160mm max. JINPAT has developed Ethernet slip rings that can be applied in commercial electronic product as well as industrial use. JINPAT Ethernet slip rings can be used in a series circuit while other Ethernet slip rings can’t fulfill such function.


JINPAT Hybrid Industrial Ethernet Slip Ring

JINPAT Ethernet slip rings has a wide stage where they can play a part. To name but a few, surveillance camera globes, cable reels, radar systems, robotic arms and three-axis turntables, etc. Among JINPAT’s Ethernet slip ring solution, the smallest one is the LPMS-12U-0801-E2. It takes up the super miniature slip ring as a prototype. There is one 100M Ethernet channel and 8 1A channels. Another model is LPT000-0225-01PE-0210-E2-01A. This is a highly integrated slip ring product. There is 1 pneumatic channel to transmit gas, 2 25A channels, 2 10A channels and 1 100M Ethernet channel. It is a typical hybrid slip ring that fits the needs of automated manufacture industry. JINPAT hybrid industrial Ethernet slip ring adopt module design and with a well-laid inner structure. It can transmit signals in a reliable way while keeping a constant 360-degree rotation.

If you are interested in our Ethernet slip ring, you can mail us to require a brochure to learn more details. JINPAT Electronic, your slip ring expert.