Technology Briefing of JINPAT Low Torque Electrical Slip Rings

August 5, 2021
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During consultation, clients tend to bring up specific demand on the slip ring parameters. Some demands high protection grading, some demands high linear velocity, others demands low package loss and so on. And among their various demands, there is certain priority, and the slip ring design would be based on that. Take low torque electrical slip ring for example, to ensure meeting the specific torque, some other design need to be adjusted.

Among JINPAT standard slip ring models, especially small size ones like capsule slip rings with less channels, the torque is kept under 0.5Nm. However, slip rings with torque of 0.5Nm is not always sufficient for the customers with special demands. Given the standards raised by the client, JINPAT develops a custom slip ring with torque no more than 0.1Nm.

JINPAT Low Torque High Speed Slip Ring

Because of the special structure to lower the torque, some other functions also vary from the standard slip ring. For example, the high rotating speed slip ring are also low torque products. However, some other performances are downgraded like protection grade. One example is LPC-10S-20KHS with high rotating speed that reaches 20,000rpm. Since the stator side is mounted with heat emission hole, so the protection is quite limited.

Another popular solution is JINPAT low torque through bore slip ring with high rotating speed. The torque is extremely low. Take LPT060-1204-0201-04S for example, its rotating speed can reach up to 5000rpm with a torque no more than 0.05Nm during operation. There are 4 channels for RS485, 12 4A power channel and 2 1A power channel. Due to its structure construction, the protection grade can reach IP in horizontal installation. Dust-free environment is still a must.

If you are looking for slip ring with certain specifications, you can talk to our team. JINPAT Electronics will give you a satisfactory answer.