JINPAT Electronics Provides Rotary Solutions for Port Infrastructure

August 3, 2021
Latest company news about JINPAT Electronics Provides Rotary Solutions for Port Infrastructure

China has witnessed a great development in port infrastructure. Yangshan Port, Qingdao Port and Tianjin Port are the representatives of the highly automated ports. There are various systems of high precision facilities and equipment. Most of them demands slip rings to enable power and signal transmission from the stationary part to the rotary part. JINPAT Electronics, is a slip ring manufacturer based in Shenzhen. JINPAT Electronics is well qualified to provide slip rings with specific purposes to serve the port infrastructure.

To start with, let’s look at the heavy equipment, shore bridges and bridge cranes. On such facilities, there is a certain machinery to enable their function. A cable reel is installed. And in the cable reel, a slip ring with high power capacity is needed. This kind of slip ring takes up carbon brush friction pair. The structure is relatively simple. JINPAT Electronics is totally capable of producing this kind of slip rings. JINPAT solutions are well received by the clients, and has many returned customers. JINPAT high power slip ring is very stable in its performance. JINPAT slip rings have been through salt spray test, and has proved excellent impact endurance. JINPAT high power slip ring can endure harsh environment and therefore can serve the port infrastructure in a reliable and lasting way.

Aside from the cable reels and cranes that need high power slip rings, there are also comparatively small devices on the port that demands rotary signal and power transmission. CCTV is a good example. The surveillance systems are essential to keep the operation going on the port. It can help to detect the traffic going around the port. The panoramic cameras are installed to allow a full-round surveillance in different parts on the port. A slip ring is needed to enable a smooth rotation of the camera head while transmitting the high definition video data. JINPAT slip ring with Ethernet signal and high definition signal transmission capacity can well serve this kind of cameras. JINPAT surveillance camera slip ring is a model that has large production quantity that can reaches over 10,000 pieces per year. It is a very mature slip ring product and has a large market share. Upon request, the slip ring can integrate Gigabit Ethernet signal channel, HDMI channel and SDI channel, etc.

There are a lot more example of how JINPAT slip rings are playing a part in the port infrastructure. For more details of our slip ring products, you can browse our custom catalog. You can always find a slip ring with certain specialty on our website. Of course, you can also consult with JINPAT team to work out a custom slip ring solution if you have special requirements! Take actions now!