Brief Introduction of JINPAT Radio Frequency Slip Ring

July 30, 2021
Latest company news about Brief Introduction of JINPAT Radio Frequency Slip Ring

A collector ring, also known as a slip ring, is an indispensable component in the rotary antenna system and communications on the move. Except some low-end applications that have a short scanning area, most of the antenna slip rings need to integrate a radio frequency signal module. According to different industry, this radio frequency module has different names. As a professional slip ring manufacturer, JINPAT Electronics calls such module high frequency rotary joint or radio frequency rotary joint. This kind of rotary joint can support 4 channel max. The frequency range is the same as those of antenna and communication on the move devices.


A high frequency rotary joint, or radio frequency slip ring, is usually integrated with a through hole slip ring. The high frequency rotary joint is integrated within the through bore. Most of JINPAT hybrid radio frequency slip ring solutions take up such design. As for those that slip ring with solid shaft can’t satisfy, a through hole intermediate frequency slip ring would help.

JINPAT Radio Frequency Slip Ring LPHF-02A

The combination is a brand new hybrid radio frequency electrical slip ring. Generally speaking, the radio frequency slip ring is a standard product. There’s no need to adjust the signal transmission. So, it has a briefer production process. As for radio frequency slip rings with a through bore design, they are custom products. Signals consistency, delay consistency and insolation between circuits are all elements that should be consider. Few adjustments should be made before mass production.


In short, JINPAT Electronics is well qualified to develop stand radio frequency rotary joints and custom through hole radio frequency rotary joints. Take JINPAT Stand high frequency rotary joint LPHF-02A for example. It is very mature radio frequency slip ring model. It is a hot sale model and receive favorable feed backs from the clients. In terms of rf slip ring with through hole design, the through hole diameter can reach 120mm max.