China’s Leading Technology in Emergency Communication Assistance

July 27, 2021
Latest company news about China’s Leading Technology in Emergency Communication Assistance

A few days ago, a severe flood catastrophized Henan, a province in China, causing risks to the local people and destroy the local communication network. The Ministry of Emergency Management sent out a Wing Loong UAV to carry out communication assistance. It took 4.5 hours for the Wing Loong UAV to reach at the area. The UAV assisted to provide network communication in the area successful and therefore facilitated the rescue operation. This shows how China is walking in the lead of UAV emergency rescue.

The UAV gathers information like SAR of the target area and sends back them back to the control cent. So the electro-optical pod on the UAV is a key device. And to allow 360-degree rotation of the electro-optical pod while transmitting data, a slip ring is essential.

JINPAT Electronics is a slip ring manufacture with abundant experience in developing slip rings for electro-optical pod. For civil-used UAVs, JINPAT capsule slip rings, miniature slip rings and super miniature slip rings are ideal choices. As for drone for special purpose, JINPAT also has many successful cases. JINPAT fiber optic rotary joint is able to transmit optical signals with little data loss and no interference. Beside, JINPAT also provide hybrid optical slip ring that can transmit power and signals at the same time. With smooth rotation, JINPAT slip rings are very stable and endurable.