JINPAT Electronics Latest Hybrid Slip Ring Model

July 26, 2021
Latest company news about JINPAT Electronics Latest Hybrid Slip Ring Model

As a key rotary electrical component to transmit power and signals, a slip ring, or electrical rotary joint is an irreplaceable product in the global market. JINPAT Electronics is a private run slip ring company with the longest history in China. With exceptional innovative ability and excellent slip ring product, JINPAT has a won a place in the global market. Customers from around the world turn to JINPAT for rotary solutions that are difficult to carry out and they usually get a satisfactory one. JINPAT Electronics is able to crack the technical problem and help the customer with bring up the best slip ring design and products.


Recently, JINPAT has developed a hybrid slip ring with multiple channels that can transmit power, signal and gas. This integrated slip ring is a very challenging product because there are 36 pneumatic channels. It is quite rare in the slip ring market. Another point that worth notice is the electrical unit. The integrated electrical slip ring is a relatively small one. But the voltage of the power ring reaches up to 1200V. What’s more, a 100M Ethernet channel integrated with the power unit. This hybrid slip ring adopts exquisite structure and therefore eliminates the interference of strong electricity on weak electricity signals. This hybrid pneumatic electrical slip ring is a symbol of JINPAT’s technical strength and edge-cutting manufacturing techniques.


JINPAT Pneumatic Hybrid Slip Ring LPT000-3205-048S-16QA

The pneumatic unit of the hybrid rotary joint is highly integrated. It posts a great challenge on the manufacturing process. The stator side of the pneumatic module is 766mm and JINPAT decided to use a 3-section assembly to solve this problem. Meantime, the rotary side is only 76mm, to tap 36 holes in such a limited space is very difficult. Let alone accurately connecting them with the channels on the stator side. JINPAT Electronic, with its experienced and skilled technical team has made it possible.


This hybrid pneumatic electrical slip ring is coded LPPL-36A-0106-1502-0301-E2. The actual length of this hybrid rotary joint is 842, max outer diameter is 220mm. The diameter of the electrical rotary unit is 110mm, the length 285mm. Given the large number of the gas channels, it takes up modular design. From rotor side to the stator side, you can see a 3 cylinders in decreasing sizes.


If you are interested in this solution, you can send us an enquiry to get more information. You can also come to us with your personal requirement. JINPAT Electronics will bring you a satisfactory answer.