Slip Rings the Reflection of Automated Manufacturing

July 21, 2021
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With the rapid development of technology, machines and electronic devices have become more intelligent. These devices have become more mature in terms of human-machine interaction and more user friendly. JINPAT Electronics is a slip ring producer that supplies rotary conductive solutions for these electrical machinery manufacturers. As a key player of the automated production machines, the slip ring is a reflection of how these machines are heading.
Let’s take a glance of the traditional machinery manufacturing industry. The progress of slip rings applied in this section reflects the development of this very industry. In the earlier days, electrical slip rings or hydraulic/pneumatic rotary joints are sufficient for the machines. JINPAT standard electrical slip rings and rotary joints could satisfied the requirement of the machines and devices. However, with the uprising demand of the industry, slip rings with sole function to transmit power or gas/liquid are not enough. This demand gave rise to the development of hybrid slip ring solutions. Custom slip rings that can transmit power, signals, liquid and power become pervasive.


The slip ring assemblies or integrated slip rings used in the automated machines features multi channels for various computer signals like USB signals, 100M Ethernet signals and Gigabit Ethernet signals. Besides, the slip ring should be compatible with industrial signals that are highly related with machine system. One typical JINPAT solution is the LPT000-0808-08S-01A. It is a through hole slip ring with 8 power channels, 8 Devicenet channels and 1 liquid/gas channel.

Aside from the power, liquid/gas integrated slip ring, another popular hybrid slip ring solution for intelligent electromechanical devices is one that can transmit 100M Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. The electromechanical devices are highly compatible with civil-used computer. With the data output from the computer end, the intelligent machines can produce products automatically. For applications like this, JINPAT has developed over a thousand slip ring models.
You can always refer to the slip ring models on JINPAT’s homepage. You can also consult with our engineer team to work out a custom slip ring solution for you.