What is a slip ring?

July 16, 2021
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Today, our JINPAT team is going to answer the three basic questions about the slip ring. We hope you can have a better understanding of a slip ring after this article.


1.What is a slip ring?

A slip ring is an electromechanical component that allows the transmission of power and signals from a stationary part to a rotating structure. A slip ring can be used in any electromechanical system that requires rotation while transmitting power or signals. To give a few examples, you can find a slip ring in slip ring motors, wind turbines and cable reels.

One part of the slip ring is stationary, the fixed part which is connected to the power or signal source. And the one is the rotary part, it can rotate unrestrictedly in a smooth way. This rotating part is connecting to the rotating machine. That is to say, the power and signal enter the stationary part of the slip ring and through the mechanism and come out at the rotary part that is connected to the rotary system.


2.Why we need a slip ring?

Generally speaking, cables are used to transmit power and signals. But the game changes when transmitting power and signals from a stationary end to a rotating end. Cables will tangle and even break easily when transmission end is rotating. Let alone to enable a constant 360-degree rotation. A slip ring is brought in to solve this problem.


3.What are the basic categories of the slip rings?

There are many ways to classify slip ring types. Today, we will do so according to the medium being transmitted. There are basically three slip ring types, the electrical slip ring that transmits power, signal slip ring that transmits signals and hydraulic/pneumatic rotary joint that transmit liquid and gas. In today’s industrial practice, most slip rings are hybrid solutions that can transmit multiple medium at the same time.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: In JINPAT’s slip ring collections, what are the mostly commonly ordered slip ring solutions?

A: JINPAT capsule slip ring series has the largest production quantity. It can transmit power and signals. Its compact structure makes it able to fit in different electromechanical system.

Q: And how about RF rotary joints? What kind of slip ring is it?

A: RF rotary joint is a signal slip ring designed especially for radio frequency signals, it is also known as high frequency slip ring. A RF rotary joint is usually installed in an antenna system and other rotary system that transmit radio signals.

Q: Ok, I see. One more question. If I need a hybrid slip ring that can transmit power and liquid, is there any concern of leakage and inference?

A: You can rest assured. JINPAT hybrid electrical hydraulic slip ring takes up module design, the power unit is independent from the hydraulic unit and therefore ensure no interference. Beside, this hybrid slip ring takes up advanced sealing technique so there’s no worry of leakage.