Brief Introduction of JINPAT Integrated Ethernet Hydraulic Pneumatic Slip Ring

June 7, 2022
Latest company news about Brief Introduction of JINPAT Integrated Ethernet Hydraulic Pneumatic Slip Ring

In the realm of electro-mechanical industry, Ethernet signals are favored for its relatively high transmission rate and great adaptability. Meanwhile, slip ring plays an important part in the electro-mechanical system to help improve system structure and avoid wire tangling. For the electro-mechanical field, JINPAT Electronics recommends Ethernet Integrated Slip Rings. With years of experience in the rotary transmission, JINPAT Electronics has developed numerous slip ring solutions and are put into practical use.


JINPAT Ethernet Slip Rings generally integrate various types of signals. Besides, there are 1~2 channel rotary unions in the electrical slip ring part. Some through bore design are remained while other are made solid. Different from most the off-the-shelf product, these custom integrated Hydraulic Pneumatic Ethernet slip ring take up new structure and consist of high-precision part. Such feature means a higher value in both its technical aspect and cost.


JINPAT Electronics is an innovative slip ring manufacturer. JINPAT Electronics has developed many integrated slip ring that can transmit Ethernet signals, fluid and gas. LPT000-1010-02E3-02A is a latest integrated slip ring model with solid shaft. This custom slip ring consists of three major parts: electrical module, Ethernet module and pneumatic/hydraulic rotary unions. Given the numbers of integrated channels, the size of this slip ring is relatively large. The length is 227mm and the diameter is 86mm. This multifunctional slip ring is mainly applied in medium size automatic system. The slip ring helps to facilitate transmission of compressed air, power and high bandwidth signals.


In term of integrated Ethernet slip ring with through bore design, JINPAT LPT150-1815-E2-01A is a representative slip ring product. The through bore diameter is 150mm. This hollow shaft slip ring integrates 18 15A power channels. This slip ring excels in case of its power transmission capacity. Meanwhile, it has 1 100M Ethernet channel and 1 pneumatic/hydraulic channel. Given its large through bore diameter and excellent electronic performance, it can be installed in the many heavy machineries.


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