LPMS-05/08D Smallest Slip Rings by JINPAT Electronics

June 15, 2022
Latest company news about LPMS-05/08D Smallest Slip Rings by JINPAT Electronics

Among all the JINPAT slip ring, the LPMS super miniature slip ring branch is with the smallest size. And of this category, LPMS-05D and LPMS-08D happened to the tiniest. The diameter of these two slip ring models are both 5.5mm, and the length are 9.6mm and 13.5mm respectively. And the whole slip ring unit weighs only several grams. For their super min size and light weight, these two slip rings are broadly applied in many applications and are well-received in the market.

Aside from standard slip ring models, JINPAT also makes some customization basing on these two super miniature slip ring models. The simplest hybrid is those with more terminals. To facilitate installation, the channels of this two slip ring models are replaced by those for other signals.


Let’s have a look at the highly integrated slip ring model LPMS-05D. The smallest USB2.0 slip ring is developed from this slip ring model. The new model is coded as LPMS-05D-U2, it is a conductive slip ring model with twisted pairs.


There are many other customizations basing on this super miniature slip ring models. For example, LPMS-05D-04 is a high definition video slip ring. According to actual needs, it takes up silver-plated Teflon as leads which is quite different from those with HDMI, DP and coaxial wires, As, a result, the resolution ratio is relatively low compared to other high definition video signal slip rings.


Compared with LPMS-05D, there are 8 channels in LPMS-08D. The latter super miniature slip ring model is there more flexible and adaptable. LPMS-08D-0201-U2 can be seen as the higher version of LPMS-05D-U2, the five original channels are remained for USB2.0 signal transmission while the other three are used to ensure power support.