Latest JINPAT Radio Frequency Slip Ring

June 20, 2022
Latest company news about Latest JINPAT Radio Frequency Slip Ring

Radio frequency slip ring is a very special type among all the electrical slip ring. Since the signals being transmitted are radio frequency slip ring or SDI high definition video signals. Given its special function, radio frequency rotary joint tends to be listed as an independent category. And the radio frequency slip ring is coded as LPHF or LPCC. LPHF radio frequency rotary joint is specially designed as slip ring with 1~4 radio frequency signal channels. As for the LPCC series, there are only single channel products.

Compared to those weak electrical signal slip rings with a working voltage at 24V, high frequency slip rings have an advantage in that they can withstand high working voltage even with a very compact figure. JINPAT Electronics is a slip ring manufacture that produces high standard slip ring that complies to the military standard. Our slip rings are precise and in great quality.


With years of devotion to the field, JINPAT Electronics has develops tens of standard radio frequency rotary joints. The peak power of most of this slip rings are within 1~3KW while some remain under 1KW. Only one slip ring model’s peak power makes it to 10KW. Radio frequency slip ring embraces a rather niche market.
JINPAT Electronics has published a latest high frequency slip ring, LPHF-01K is a product with high peak power. The working frequency is 30GHZ with a maximum peak power of 20KW and a continuous power of 15KW. This model therefore is a record breaker among this slip ring branch. This breakthrough is an epitome of JINPAT’s independent R&D capacity.

You can always consult us if you have any concern of our slip ring product! Custom solutions can be made according to your needs. JINPAT Electronics, your slip ring expert.


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