Brief Introduction of JINPAT USB Slip Rings and HDMI Slip Rings

January 6, 2022
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In the development of electro-mechanical technology, computer signals like Ethernet, USB, HDMI and DP are widely applied. These applications symbolized the intense conjunction of computer technology and mechanics technology. As a frequently applied mechanical rotary conductive component of the electro-mechanical systems, slip rings need to transmit various signals mentioned above to keep pace with the modern technology. As the pioneer of the slip ring industry in China, JINPAT electronics took the initiatives in developing slip rings with capacity of transmitting these kind of signals.

Today, we will be looking into JINPAT slip rings that can transmit USB signals, HDMI signals and DP signals. Given the current technological demands, JINPAT USB slip rings can be largely divided into two groups: USB2.0 slip rings and USB3.0 slip rings. Clients can request a slip ring model to transmit solely the USB signals as well as a hybrid slip ring solution that transmit both USB signals and other signals.

JINPAT USB slip ring can integrate multiple channels. A JINPAT USB slip ring is able to support 2 USB3.0 channels and 12 USB2.0 channels. The theoretical transmission rate is 5.0Gbps while the actual transmission rate reaches over 2.0Gbps. JINPAT multi-channel USB slip ring serves mechanical system that demands large capacity and high speed data transmission. JINPAT USB slip rings are mainly used in machine vision devices, high-speed data collection, photographing equipment and testing rotary table, etc.



Aside from USB slip rings, HDMI slip rings and DP slip rings are also mainstream products. Different from SDI slip ring that can only transmit video signals, HDMI slip ring and DP slip ring take up high definition medium connectors. These two kind of slip rings adopt digital video/audio connector that is compatible with special digital devices. In both the slip ring and the electromechanical system, to transmit SDI requires coaxial cable as media. The same is truth with HDMI signals and DP signals, special HDMI cables and DP cables are needed. To make a suitable impedance matching in these two kinds of slip rings is very challenging and significant.

A hybrid JINPAT slip ring that integrate HDMI and DP signals can support versions up to HDMI1.4 and DP1.3. The hybrid slip ring can transmit video signals in 4K@30Hz and 2K@90Hz, downward compatible. Transmission bandwidth reaches up to 10.2Gbps. Just like USB slip ring, JINPAT HMDI DP slip rings support hybrid solutions that integrate other signals. JINPAT HDMI DP slip rings are mainly used in VR devices, training aids equipment and high definition video cable reels.

For more custom slip ring solutions, you can always get some inspiration from JINPAT’s custom slip ring catalogue. You are welcomed to contact with JINPAT technical team to talk about your special requirements. JINPAT Electronics will spare no efforts in bringing you a satisfactory slip ring solution!