JINPAT Slip Rings for LED Luminaires and Accessories

January 18, 2022
Latest company news about JINPAT Slip Rings for LED Luminaires and Accessories

With the development of smart home system, people can enjoy their life at home in a more convenient and joyful way. Intelligent LED luminaires play a part in such system. People can adjust the luminosity as well as the height of the LED equipment easily with the smart home system. And to enable the lifting of the LED luminaries as well as their angle, a slip ring is necessary.


JINPAT LPC-06E Capsule Slip Ring for LED Luminaires

For LED luminaires and accessories, JINPAT Electronics provide several slip ring solutions for you! As we known, luminaries prefer light-weight and small-size components. You can find a well fit slip ring model basically from our capsule slip rings, separate slip ring or pancake slip ring. For example, JINPAT LPKS014-0202 with 2 2A channels and an inner diameter of only 14mm is very popular among our clients. It is a pancake slip ring with super lightweight. Another slip ring model is the JINPAT LPC-06E. This is a capsule slip ring with 6 2A channel. LPS-04 is also a hot sale slip ring model for LED luminaires. These three models are exceptionally small in size and light in weight. They function smoothly with barely any noise. JINPAT slip rings are very endurable. These features make JINPAT slip ring rather competitive in smart home lighting systems.

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