JINPAT Electronics Slip Ring Manufacturer for Offshore Engineering Vessels

January 19, 2022
Latest company news about JINPAT Electronics Slip Ring Manufacturer for Offshore Engineering Vessels

Various types of engineering vessels are key players in the ocean exploration projects. As a competitive country in ship manufacturing and marine infrastructure, China is one of the few countries that can independently develop marine construction vessels. JINPAT as a professional slip ring manufacture with over 25 years of experiences in developing all kinds of slip rings and rotary joints for different industry, provides many custom slip ring solutions for offshore engineering vessels.


To begin with, each type of ships has an independent navigation system to enable autonomous navigation, therefore a navigation radar is needed. Some vessels are even equipped with full motion satellite communication antenna. Electronic systems as such require slip rings to enable power and signals transmission. You can find a matching slip ring in JINPAT Electronics slip ring series that well match the specific requirements of the applications.

Aside from the weak signal slip ring and power integrated slip ring, there is also a great demand for high power slip rings that serve the marine cranes and marine winches. JINPAT Electronics is also an expert in developing this kind of high power slip ring.


Take world’s first 140-meter piling vessel called “Yihangjinzhuang”for instance, there are several cranes and piling winches on the deck. If the crane on its deck does not have a rotation limit, then a slip ring must be installed. For these kinds of applications, JINPAT Electronics has developed hundreds of slip rings solutions. The slip rings are put into service and gain good reputations. LPA000-09800-01PE-3020-04L is one of JINPAT’s proud slip ring solution. It is a custom slip ring model for 10,000-ton marine floating cranes. It is also one of JINPAT’s representative slip rings for marine construction


As for winches on the vessel deck, JINPAT LPA350 and LPA340 are two slip ring series to choose from. LPA340-03350-04S for example, integrates 3 350A high power channels and 4 signal channels. It is also unique in its large through bore design. Aside from this kind of general product, JINPAT also develops photo-electric integrated slip ring with voltage capacity over 2500V for specific kind of vessel winches.


JINPAT’s confidence in its technology strength also lies in its ability to produce high-end slip rings for ship podded propeller. JINPAT is one of the very few Chinese slip ring manufacturers that can produce podded propeller slip rings for vessels in 1~15MW.


For more information of our slip ring product, you can browse our website page or contact us directly through emails. JINPAT is confident in bringing you the most reliable and efficient slip ring solutions!