JINPAT Hollow Shaft Sip Rings Introductions

January 30, 2022
Latest company news about JINPAT Hollow Shaft Sip Rings Introductions

JINPAT Electronics is a slip ring producer that is devoted to bringing the best conductive rotary solutions that fit various applications and field. With years of endeavoring in the industry, JINPAT has developed matured slip ring models with different features like capsule slip rings, pin connection slip rings, separate slip rings and hollow shaft slip rings, etc. Today, we will spotlight JINPAT hollow shaft slip rings, in JINPAT’s term the through bore slip rings.

JINPAT Through Bore Slip Rings, as its name tells, has a through bore design. This kinds of slip rings are used in cable reels, robots, revolving doors, high-end testing equipment and so on. The hollow shaft design facilitates the installation on certain application and also makes it a perfect base for integration.

latest company news about JINPAT Hollow Shaft Sip Rings Introductions  0

Taking application end into consideration, JINPAT hollow shaft slip rings use different material as housing. Clients can choose the housing material according to their own demands from engineering plastic, aluminum alloy and stainless steel. Standard hollow shaft rotary joint enables transmission of power and signals while custom solutions can be made to further include optical signals, radio frequency signals, fluid and gas. Hybrid slip ring can be simply designed by integrating a different type of slip ring within the through bore while more complex and versatile ones demand a complete new structure design. Rotating speed is also alternative with a maximum rotating speed reaches up to 6,000 rpm. Top protection class is IP68. This means JINPAT through bore slip ring can endure very challenging environments.

Our slip ring products have to go through a series of systematic inspection before delivery. Through rigorous quality control. JINPAT aims to bring our clients the best product available. This effort is paid off seeing that JINPAT slip rings and rotary joints gain good reputation in the industry.

For more information of JINPAT hollow shaft slip rings and other custom solution, you can browse our catalogues on the website. Feel free to send us an enquiry to talk about your need.