Different Kinds of Pneumatic Hydraulic Power Hybrid Slip Rings Part2

March 5, 2021
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In the previous article, we have discussed the simplest kind of pneumatic hydraulic hybrid rotary joint, which is made by combining standard JINPAT capsule slip rings/pancake slip rings/through hole slip rings with stand JINPAT pneumatic hydraulic rotary joints. Today, we are going to look at the other two types.


As for some mechanical and electronic products in the market, standard pneumatic hydraulic slip ring model with 4 pneumatic hydraulic channels is way above their practical need. So slip rings for these mechanical and electronic products are generally custom slip rings. The custom pneumatic hydraulic slip rings usually take through hole slip rings or pancake slip rings as prototype. Given the limited size of the pancake slip ring, it can only integrate single channel pneumatic hydraulic rotary joint while the through hole slip ring can integrate model with 1~2 channels. The through hole diameter of his kind of through hole slip ring with integrated pneumatic hydraulic rotary joint is up to 150mm. A representative model is LPT150-0360-2501-02E3-02L.


JINPAT Pneumatic Hydraulic Power Hybrid Slip Rings

Last but not least, is the large current type hybrid slip ring. This hybrid slip ring takes up modular design. There is a large current power transmission module and a pneumatic hydraulic module. If the hybrid slip ring need to transmit weak current signal and small current, there would be another weak current signal module. LPA000-06200-0618-44S-01A-05L and LPA000-09800-3020-04L are two typical large current hybrid slip rings.