JINPAT Ethernet Slip Rings Set Standards in the Industry

March 9, 2021
Latest company news about JINPAT Ethernet Slip Rings Set Standards in the Industry

Ethernet is a Local Area Network technology that originates from computer science and gradually finds wide applications in various industries. The application of Ethernet in the mechatronics is a symbol of the maturity of the Ethernet technology. A slip ring is an important component to enable signal and power transmission between the rotary part and the stationary part. Many slip rings are now expected to have the ability to transmit Ethernet signals.

JINPAT Ethernet Slip Ring LPT025-0202-E3-U2

JINPAT Electronics is a professional slip ring manufacturer based in Shenzhen. JINPAT plays a leading role in Chinese slip ring industry. By now, JINPAT has developed numerous slip rings and rotary joints that support Ethernet transmission. Most of JINPAT Ethernet slip rings are custom models. JINPAT hybrid Ethernet slip ring is able to transmit power and Ethernet signal at the same time. In the research and development period, JINPAT, with its rich experience in slip ring and a professional technology team, solved the technological problem that is commonly exist in Ethernet transmission, which is packet loss. JINPAT support hybrid multiple channels of Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet in a slip ring rings. 5 channels of Gigabit Ethernet can be integrated at a time. 4 Ethernet slip rings at most can be put into a series circuit.

JINPAT Ethernet slip ring has a refined and well-laid inner structure. JINPAT Ethernet slip ring is able to transmit gigabit Ethernet signal while keeping a packet loss rate. In terms of slip ring whose data capacity is up to 10Gbyte, JINPAT is working to set the technology standard. It is believed that JINPAT will soon improve the overall performance of the Ethernet slip ring and bring it to a brand new stage.