Features and Advantages of JINPAT Slip Ring in The Packaging Industry

September 28, 2020
Latest company news about Features and Advantages of JINPAT Slip Ring in The Packaging Industry

JINPAT slip ring can lasts a long lifetime (20 million revolutions), can work continuously for 24 hours. Maintenance-free, and no lubrication required.


360-degree rotation transmission of power and data signals (analog, digital, serial, thermocouple signals, etc.)


For the thermocouple signal transmission of the chip mounter machine and the sealing machine, JINPAT has come up with a unique solution. Such slip ring model is well received by customers at home and abroad. It is accurate in temperature measurement with high temperature resistance and high reliability.


The contact material is imported from abroad, and the surface treatment is based on foreign military-grade coating technology.


JINPAT slip ring can be customized according to customer’s demands, The number of channels can reach 300.


The use of multi-strand combination of imported fiber brush ensures reliable contact with low brush pressure and long service life. Also, it is maintenance-free, no lubrication required. JINPAT slip ring can work perfectly in the packing machine with stable and reliable performance.


Gold to gold contact material, and the brush pressure testing system is used to ensure the consistency of the brush pressure and maintain the stable electrical transmission performance.


Standard products with the diameter of the through hole from 12.7mm to 96mm, which can be directly selected. The non-standard customized products can be with 300mm.


Support current and signal mixed transmission, and can be combined with other rotary joints (such as gas/liquid rotary joints, etc.)


JINPAT’s large slip ring collections can fulfill most needs demanded by the packing procedures. JINPAT slip rings find wide applications in various packing machines: marking machine, labeling machine, filling machine. With years of commitment to slip ring R&D and manufacture, JINPAT has earned a good reputation among the customers.