JINPAT Slip Ring Applied in Beverage Filling Machines

September 23, 2020
Latest company news about JINPAT Slip Ring Applied in Beverage Filling Machines

Automation machinery in food-processing industry is the major ground where the slip rings are applied. Thanks to its industry attributes, the processing machines demand slip rings with high safety level. To fulfill this need, JINPAT Electronics developed the LPR Pin Connection Slip Ring. Aside from the LPR Series, other custom models also find application in the food-processing field. For example, production lines driven by high-pressure gas might need Pneumatic-Hydraulic slip ring or Pneumatic-Hydraulic Electrical Integrated Slip Ring. At large, the more frequently loaded slip ring in the food-processing machines are the electrical slip rings.


LPT075-150-0410-0602 is a model JINPAT designed for a customer specialized in coconut juice filling machines. This is a typical model that transmits power solely with 4 10A channels and 6 2A channels. It works at 380VAC with a max transmission capacity of 19.76KW.


However simple the structure is, such slip ring model is able to answer the demand of rotary conductive transmission required by the end application—the coconut juice filling machine. Aside from the back-up channels requested by the customer, JINPAT makes the best of every channel. It is also a principle that JINPAT follows when designing a product—simplify the structure while saving cost for the customer. If power transmission is the sole need of the end machine, JINPAT sales team would recommend the standard slip in the hope that it would be the most economical solution for the client.


Likewise, JINPAT also provides slip rings that fit in different beverage processing machines. With its custom solutions, JINPAT is able to serve customers with various types of machine models and special requirements.