Features of JINPAT Fiber Optic Rotary Joints

February 2, 2021
Latest company news about Features of JINPAT Fiber Optic Rotary Joints

JINPAT Electronics is a well-established slip ring company. In the 25 years since its establishment, JINPAT has devoted itself into producing various kinds of slip rings. JINPAT has offered numerous successful rotary transmission solutions for different industries. JINPAT slip rings are broadly applied in automated producing industry, surveillance systems and offshore platforms, etc. To solve the uprising needs in transmitting large data while allowing 360-degree rotation, JINPAT has made great effort in the R&D of fiber optic rotary joints.


Fiber optic rotary joints, also known as electric optic slip rings, adopt optic fibers as transmission media. JINPAT fiber optic rotary joint can enhance the mechanical performances of the applications. Fiber optic rotary joints allow the rotary interface to rotate constantly in 360-degree without the concern of kinking the optic fibers. And through adopting fiber optic to substitute other leads, this rotary joint is also remarkable in transmitting data in a reliably and efficiently.



JINPAT fiber optic rotary joints are alternative in single-mode and multi-mode. The number of optic channels is also optional from 1 to 50. Slip rings of this series support broad bandwidth from 650 to 1650nm. Maximum rotating speed reaches up to 2000rmp or higher. JINPAT fiber optic rotary joints also feature low insertion loss. The insertion loss of single mode slip ring is less than 2dB while the multi-mode one less than 5dB.


Aside from above, there are also some other advantages of JINPAT fiber optic slip rings. It features low friction, super long service life that exceeds 100,000,000 revolutions.

JINPAT fiber optic rotary joint is compatible with various signals such as video, series, and Ethernet signal, etc. And using optic fiber as medium guarantees no leakage, no electromagnetic interference and reliable long-distance transmission.

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JINPAT fiber optic rotary joint finds its value in a wide range of applications like radar system

medical devices and video surveillance system. And JINPAT has received tons of favorable feedback from the clients.


JINPAT fiber optic rotary joint can be integrated with electrical slip ring to enable simultaneous transmission of power and signals. Hybrid solutions can be made under demand. If you have any doubt, contact JINPAT for more information. JINPAT technology team will sure give you a satisfactory solution!