JINPAT Through Hole Slip Rings for CT Scanners

February 4, 2021
Latest company news about JINPAT Through Hole Slip Rings for CT Scanners

Since establishment, JINPAT has develop various kinds of slip rings range from the super miniature slip rings to large current slip rings. JINPAT has won good reputation in the industry for providing slip ring in excellent quality and great mechanical performances. In the former articles, we have look into the applications of miniature slip rings and optic fiber rotary joint in the medical industry. Today, we are going to explore a bit of the larger size slip rings. We will see how JINPAT through hole slip ring work in a CT Scanner.

When you run a full-body CT scan, you will expect to see a large white table with a doughnut-shaped machine. Inside this doughnut-shaped machine a through hole slip ring is install to provide drive to the rotary gantry. JINPAT through hole slip rings are optional in their inner diameter from 0.5 to 3 meters. To fulfill the requirements demanded by a CT scanner, JINPAT through hole slip rings are with large current capacity. JINPAT though hole slip rings work at 2000VAC high voltage and can transmit 500A current in a reliable and stable high speed rotation. JINPAT through hole slip rings for CT scanner also feature super long service life and low maintenance which makes them perfectly fit for medical equipment.

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