High Rotating Speed Optical Slip Ring

September 7, 2018
Latest company news about High Rotating Speed Optical Slip Ring

One of the through bore slip ring manufactured by JINPAT is integrated with a fiber optical rotary joint. As an integrated unit, it features a high working speed up to 2000rpm. The two-wire slip ring transmits HD and optical signals in one circuit respectively.

To ensure an excellent concentricity, the mounting position of bearings is in a serious consideration in the subsequent phase of design. When confronting an unease of installation of the front bearing due to an integrated end cap of the front and rear parts. Optimal design idea has solved the problem with a flexible separation.

In this way, it also keeps a superb rotating precision even in such a high rotating speed. So far, the high rotating speed slip ring has gone through the tests of its customer for over six months.




Passages: 1 *HD signal, 1* Optical signal


Electrical Part

◆ Voltage: 12VAC

◆ Dielectric Strength: 300VAC@50Hz

◆ Insulation Resistance: 300MΩ@300VDC

◆ Contact Resistance Fluctuation Value: ≤70mΩ

◆ Working Speed: 2000 rpm

◆ Contact:Precious Metal

◆ Housing: Aluminum Alloy

◆ Working Temperature:-20~+60℃

◆ Humidity:≤60%RH

◆ Protection Level: IP51


Optical Part

◆ Working Wavelength: 1650nm

◆ Insertion Loss: ≤2 dB

◆ Insertion Loss Variation: ≤0.5 dB

◆ Return Loss: ≥40dB

◆ Fiber Type: 50um multimode

◆ Fiber Sheath Type: 0.9mm

◆ Luminous Power (max): 23dBm

◆ Working Speed: 2000 rpm

◆ Bearing Tension: 10N, max

◆ Working Temperature: -40~+80℃