Highly Integrated Slip Rings for Construction Machines

April 28, 2022

JINPAT Electronics is a professional slip ring provider established in 1996. Since then, JINPAT Electronics has been devoted to developing slip rings for different purposes. Aside from the commercial industry, slip rings are also installed in many heavy industrial equipment and machines.

To begin with, JINPAT Electronics has produced many high power integrated slip rings that are intended for cranes. For example, LPT200-0430-0210-06S is a large current slip ring with a large central through bore. It takes up aluminum alloy as housing. The special structure design and handling technique ensures a good protection of the inner structure. With IP67, this integrated slip ring is waterproof and can function smoothly even in harsh environment. There are 4 30A power channels, 2 10A power channels and 3 5A power channels, 4 CANBUS channels and 1 throttle signal channel. The sufficient power channels and their capacity guarantee the slip ring with excellent rotary drive. Besides, the module design and special insulation layers can guarantee an interference-free and stable transmission of power and signals.


JINPAT Explosion-proof Slip Rings are also efficient and practical solution for construction machines. Generally speaking, construction machines like cranes and winches work in dust environment. And therefore demand slip rings that are explosion-proof and with higher safety level. JINPAT LPA000-05200-01PE-0563Ex is an explosion-proof slip ring that serves in offshore platform. There are also other salient features like high power capacity, and integrated transmission of gas. This slip ring model is a highly integrated one. JINPAT Electronics is technically skillful to produce slip ring with versatile functions. JINPAT Electronics can make a custom slip ring solutions that transfer signals, power, fluid and gas.