Advantages of JINPAT Large Current Slip Rings

May 17, 2022
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Among JINPAT Electronics slip rings, those with power capacity over 50A and adopt carbon brush friction pairs are named large current slip rings. Given their specialness, there’s no standard models in this series. By far, JINPAT has developed over a thousand large current slip ring models. There are more representative models. Compared to standard slip ring, this large current type has salient features of its own. Now let’s see the advantages and features of this slip ring type.

To begin with, let’s look at the MW level podded electric propeller slip ring that has the highest power capacity among all the slip rings. Relatively, this large current slip ring is larger than the others. JINPAT LPA000-062000-01PE-72S-11L-01A is a 3MW high power slip ring that stands rather representative. Since the working voltage is only 690V, it demands high power capacity in a single channel. Meanwhile, this demands a larger copper ring. Together with the hollow structure design, this slip ring actually takes up a large volume.



Vary from this high voltage large current slip ring, JINPAT Electronics also has a slip ring model that has high working voltage but in relative small figure. Without the hollow structure, this slip ring is more space-saving. LPA000-1480-04FO-EX is a typical model among this type. This large current slip ring integrates a 4-channel fiber optic rotary joint. With a length of 1050mm and a diameter of 140mm. It is the slenderest slip model of the group.

Among JINPAT large current slip rings, there are models with very low working voltage which tend to below 100V with a single channel power capacity above 100A. LPA000-08200-1530-88S-03U2- 02E3-02S is a special high power solution designed to serve certain purpose. This slip ring integrates high definition video signal channel, Ethernet signal, USB2.0 channel and over 80 channels for other signals. This slip ring is a high integrated and diverse type.

These above mentioned large current slip rings are very mature in technology and well-made. JINPAT has kept improving the electronic performances of our products. You can always talk to JINPAT about your actual need, we are confident in bringing you a satisfied answer.