Brief Introduction of JINPAT USB Slip Rings

May 13, 2022
Latest company news about Brief Introduction of JINPAT USB Slip Rings

Slip rings are broadly applied in electro-mechanic systems that demand rotary transmission of power and signals. Under certain circumstances, slip rings need to integrate fluid/gas channels and even with fiber optic rotary joint to satisfy practical demands. And USB signal is also very common signal type that can be transmitted through a slip ring. As a pioneer in China’s slip ring industry, JINPAT Electronics has accumulated abundant experience in developing USB slip rings.

By far, JINPAT Electronics has developed slip rings that can integrate 8 USB2.0 channels and 3 USB3.0 channels at max. Since JINPAT USB2.0 slip rings adopt a relative small quantity of twisted pairs, they have more access to impedance match compared to the USB3.0 slip rings. And JINPAT USB3.0 slip rings have a harsher standard on the slip ring diameter as well as the cable length at both the inlet and outlet sides.

JINPAT LPMS-06B-U2 is the tinniest among the USB slip ring collection. It is a pure USB slip ring without any other channel. Its length is 11.2mm with a diameter of 8.5mm. This small size USB slip ring is basically used in the retractable remote control for aero seats. This USB slip ring complies with the electronic performance and eco-friendly standard specified by the airline industry.

JINPAT LPC-56A-08U2 is a USB slip ring model with the most channel numbers. This slip ring is developed for the machine vision system to fulfill the needs in high transmission rate. As for USB3.0 slip ring, it can integrate 3 USB3.0 channels at max. Most solutions are based on LPC-36A to attain a high speed transmission rate.

The USB slip ring can be integrated with HDMI, DP and Ethernet signals to gain a more versatile function. For example, LPA000-08200-1530-88S-03U2-02E3-02SD is the latest JINPAT large current integrated slip ring. In this high power slip ring, there are 88 signal channels, 3 USB2.0 channels, 2 Gigabit Ethernet channels and 2 1080P@60fps high definition video signal channels. This powerful and high integrated slip ring is developed for special optical equipment like military laser device.