JINPAT Electronics Professional Slip Ring Manufacturer

May 7, 2022
Latest company news about JINPAT Electronics Professional Slip Ring Manufacturer

JINPAT Electronics is a professional slip ring manufacturer. We are specialized in providing conductive rotary transmission solutions. JINPAT’s major products are slip rings, electrical rotary joints, rotary unions and related hybrid rotary solutions.


JINPAT Products

JINPAT Electronics has developed numerous standard and custom slip ring solutions for clients around the world. In terms of standard slip ring, you can choose a slip ring model from capsule slip ring, miniature slip ring, through bore slip ring, pin connection slip ring and pancake slip ring, etc. Integrated slip ring solutions can be designed to enable mix transfer of power, signals, fluid and gas. JINPAT slip rings are very competitive with products at similar price. Our slip rings and rotary unions are known for their excellent performance and long service life.


What JINPAT Values

Since establishment, JINPAT Electronics has never stopped doing R&D on rotary transmission solutions. JINPAT values innovation and creativity. From working shoulders by shoulders with the clients, JINPAT Electronics know what traits are most important in the slip ring product. JINPAT is devoted to bringing a more efficient and endurable slip ring solution to satisfy the clients ‘needs. JINPAT has many independently patented slip ring solutions. We guarantee our clients with authentic design and practical solution.


Feel free to contact JINPAT Electronics for a more economical and endurable slip ring solution. We are confident in bringing you a satisfactory one! Send us an email now!