JINPAT Electronics Slip Rings Provider for Medical Robots

May 5, 2022
Latest company news about JINPAT Electronics Slip Rings Provider for Medical Robots

With the wide practice in the automated production industry, robots and robotic arms have gradually been applied to other fields. Some robots and robotic arms manufacturers develop special type of equipment for medical purpose. The slip ring industry is one of the downstream sector of industrial robots. JINPAT Electronics provides efficient and reliable conductive solutions to robots. JINPAT slip rings, upon special demand, are able to transfer power, signals, fluid and gas while sustaining a 360-degree rotation. JINPAT has over a hundred slip ring models for robots and robotic arms.


The robotic arms applied in the medical scenes are basically are auxiliary equipment. One of the typical examples is the surgical robot for cardiovascular treatment. Such device assists surgeons to complete a high precision operation at the millimeter scale. This medical robot arm features high flexibility and accuracy. For medical robot arm, JINPAT Electronics recommend the through bore slip ring series and machine-vision high definition video signal slip ring.


JINPAT Through Bore Slip Ring is a popular slip ring series to refer to in term of robots. Through bore slip ring is convenient to install on the robotic arms. Clients can deceive the bore diameter according to their needs. These slip rings function to enable a flexible movement of the robotic joints while transmitting power and signals. JINPAT Integrated High Definition Video Signal Slip Rings are adopted in the medical robots to transfer high definition image back to the processing center. This type of slip rings is applied in surgical robots for minimally invasive operations. This machine-vision slip rings help to transmit a vivid image of the organs and therefore facilitate the operation.


In the medical machine vision field, radio frequency slip rings are frequency used to transmit signals and power. By far, another potential and relatively mature solution is the optical slip rings. The optical slip ring is interference-free and therefore is a great option for medical practice that involves MRI and radioactive therapy.


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