How does JINPAT Develop Slip Rings?

February 9, 2023
Latest company news about How does JINPAT Develop Slip Rings?

Slip rings, as a kind of rotating conductive parts that have appeared since the beginning of the second industrial revolution, have matured in their industry today. How did professional manufacturers of slip rings like JINPAT develop their research and development? For a long time, JINPAT Electronics has insisted on investing a minimum of 3% of its annual operating income in research and development. By the end of 2022, JINPAT Electronics has obtained 62 national patent authorizations related to slip rings, of which 6 are invention patents. Relying on the technology accumulation brought about by long-term R&D investment, JINPAT Electronics has made great achievements in automation equipment slip rings, construction machinery slip rings, consumer electronics slip rings, medical equipment and precision instrumentation slip rings, ultra-high voltage megawatt-class pod-type electric propulsion equipment slip rings, military photoelectric turret slip rings, radar electric high-frequency integrated slip rings, ultra-miniature multi-channel precision conductive slip rings and other equipment fields have good technical strength.

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In fact, the most critical part of the slip ring is the friction pair. There are brush wire friction pair and carbon brush friction pair in the electric slip ring. The ratio of different friction pair materials affects the electrical (signal transmission) performance and service life of the electric slip ring and other decisive factors. At present, the life test bench of JINPAT Electronic Experiment Center and Quality Inspection Department can support up to 400 pieces of slip rings with different functions for life test or electrical performance test at the same time. The scale of this test equipment is the largest in the industry. Slip ring friction pair experiments verify materials, so the high and low temperature resistance and salt spray tests are essentially aimed at some special materials. Of course, the slip rings that require these capabilities are relatively special in structure, so in In many cases, JINPAT improves the product structure, and also verifies the performance and life of the slip ring on the test bench.