JINPAT High Current Slip Ring With Larger Vias

February 14, 2023
Latest company news about JINPAT High Current Slip Ring With Larger Vias

High-current slip ring is a series of JINPAT products that are all customized models. It is also a strategic product of JINPAT Electronics. In this field, JINPAT has developed a product with a working voltage of up to 10000VAC and a single current of 5000A. In terms of the ability to design these two key technical parameters of current slip rings, JEPAT is already at the leading level among domestic private slip ring enterprises. Due to the large transmission power, high-current slip rings are basically used in heavy equipment, and the products used in different fields also have very distinctive characteristics.


Like hollow shaft slip rings, JINPAT high-current slip rings can be divided into two types: solid and with vias. However, most of the products customized by JINPAT for most customers are solid, and only a small part of them are products with vias. , Next, I will take you to know about these through-hole high-current slip rings of JEPAT Electronics. Because it is installed on heavy equipment, the hole diameter of the through-hole high-current slip ring is basically more than 100mm to ensure that the hole diameter can be installed on some rotating shafts or other components.


One of the through-hole high-current slip ring products of JINPAT Electronics with integrated signal path is the LPA340-03350-04S product developed for offshore twisting. The working voltage of this product has also reached 440VAC, and the power module is 3-way 350A current,there are only 4 signal paths, and the working voltage is only 24VAC. The latest through-hole high-current slip ring to be delivered by JINPAT Electronics is a product with an aperture of 550mm. Its model is LPA550-0370-01PE-1510. This product is a sister model to LPA550-03120-01PE-2210 , These two types of products are also the earliest through-hole high-current slip rings developed by JEPAT, and the production history has been more than ten years.