JINGPAT Electronics——Professional Manufacturer of Conductive Slip Rings for Heavy Indoor Equipment

February 17, 2023
Latest company news about JINGPAT Electronics——Professional Manufacturer of Conductive Slip Rings for Heavy Indoor Equipment

In storage systems in some special areas, it is necessary to use super-large cranes or material grabbing and conveying equipment. When these equipments are endowed with the function of 360° infinite rotation, there is a high probability that they will be equipped with a dedicated conductive slip rings, JINPAT Electronics, as a well-known manufacturer of slip rings in China, has also developed many representative product cases for equipment in this field. Recently, JINPAT Electronics has produced such a product, this conductive slip ring belongs to JINPAT LPA series, the model is LPA550-0370-01PE-1510.


Among the LPA series conductive slip rings of JINPAT Electronics, this product is quite special, and its via hole diameter has reached 550mm. This value can still be ranked in the top three among the high-current slip rings developed by JINPAT Electronics. This type of conductive slip ring has an IP54 protection level and is used in large-scale indoor storage material conveying systems. Compared with the conductive slip rings used in other equipment, this product is relatively simple in function. It only integrates two current paths of different sizes, 3-way 70A and 15-way 10A. In order to ensure the stability of long-term operation, all paths of this product both use carbon brush friction pair.


In response to the need for rotating electrical conduction of large machinery in this indoor scene, in addition to this type of carbon brush conductive slip ring with super large vias, JEPAT can also provide other solutions, such as carbon brush slip rings with separate structure design , the copper ring and shell of this type of slip ring are divided into two halves, which can be directly assembled on the cylinder of super-large-diameter heavy equipment. The conductive slip ring designed with this structure also has a very large capacity in later maintenance and repair.