Introduction of JINPAT's New Overall Structure Disc Slip Ring

February 22, 2023

Because the copper ring of the disc slip ring adopts the layout of concentric circles, it occupies a very small axial space, which is the biggest difference between the disc slip ring and other types of slip rings. As an old domestic manufacturer of slip rings, JINPAT Electronics also has more than 20 standard models in the field of disc slip rings. The single-channel current of these standard products is 5A, and the number of channels ranges from 1 to 10. They all adopt separate structure design , using FR4 grade PCB board as the main material, named LPKS. The disk slip rings with the overall structure of JINPAT are named after LPK, and the disc slip rings with the overall structure of the JINPAT LPK series currently do not have a standard type, so these products are all customized.


The standard slip ring has high versatility, and one product can meet the requirements of many equipments. However, in many cases, the function of the standard slip ring cannot meet the requirements of the terminal equipment, so it must be customized ring, both LPKS series and LPK series. Next, I will introduce the latest LPK series disc slip ring developed by JINPAT for customers. First, look at LPK010-0205-E3, which is a gigabit Ethernet signal integrated slip ring. It is also relatively rare in slip rings, because JINPAT’s previous disk-type Ethernet custom slip rings mostly integrated 100M network signal paths.


LPK010-0205-E3 disc slip ring is customized for overseas customers. It is also the first Gigabit Ethernet disc slip ring with overall structure of JINPAT. The working voltage of the power ring part is 240VAC, and the power ring is placed in the outermost part of the slip ring, its signal module voltage is only 24V, including a total of 9 loops including the shielding ring. LPK077-0203-02S is another latest model disc-type custom slip ring of JINPAT. This product is also customized for overseas customers. Its aperture reaches 77mm, the protection level reaches IP50, and the working voltage is only 12VAC. The height of the connector is only 14mm, and this thickness is also a relatively low model in the overall structure of the disc slip ring.