JINPAT LPMS Series Slip Rings Have Added Plastic Shell Products

March 6, 2023
Latest company news about JINPAT LPMS Series Slip Rings Have Added Plastic Shell Products

Recently, JINPAT Electronics has updated the slip rings of the cap series. These models are mainly different in flange shape, size and position. The biggest change of JINPAT’s new hat series slip rings is that the black plastic casing and the main shaft are replaced with peacock blue plastics, including the smallest diameter LPMS series slip rings.


After the update of the LPMS series, all products in the series have plastic casings. Before this series of products was updated, the LPMS-05 series did not have plastic casings, because only one of the 5-channel ultra-miniature products of JINPAT has a stainless steel casing, LPMS-05D, this product has a diameter of only 5.5mm, which is the product with the smallest diameter, volume and weight among JINPAT standard slip rings.


In addition, the brand-new LPMS-YP series slip rings of JINPAT Electronics will also adopt a new peacock blue plastic shell, which includes six products, the models are LPMS-04YP, LPMS-05YP, LPMS-06YP, LPMS-08YP , LPMS-10YP, LPMS-12YP. The diameter tolerance of JINPAT LPMS-YP series ultra-miniature slip rings is ±0.1 mm, and the length tolerance is ±0.2 mm. The slip ring length parameters do not include the length of the rotor boot.


Although the unit price of ultra-miniature slip rings is very low, they are indispensable rotating conductive components in some micro instruments, consumer electronics, high-end toys or some precision microelectronic devices. Up to now, the total output of JINPAT LPMS series slip rings have been nearly 5 million pieces. With more product models and scale effect, JINPAT has established an absolute market position in the field of ultra-miniature slip rings, and the market share of this type of products ranks among the top slip ring manufacturers in the world.