The Conductive Slip Ring Carried in the "Wandering Balloon"

March 8, 2023
Latest company news about The Conductive Slip Ring Carried in the "Wandering Balloon"

In recent days, the topic of my country's unpowered high-altitude scientific research balloon drifting out of control towards the North American continent and being shot down by the US military's F-22 with an infrared-guided air-to-air missile has become very popular on the Internet, and the "wandering balloon" has become famous for a while. Most of the aerostats such as high-altitude scientific research balloons and airships that operate in close space will be equipped with scientific research pods, and the pods will be equipped with many scientific research precision instruments and equipment. Among them, the attitude control system of the aerostat, Its attitude control system is generally adapted to the corresponding conductive slip ring. The attitude control of this type of aerostat can generally be controlled by the ground control station, and the aerostats used in adjacent spaces, especially heavy-duty aerostats, may be equipped with a variety of electric slip rings.


Let’s take a look at one of the ultra-large multifunctional integrated conductive slip rings, with a total length of 1447mm and a maximum diameter of 390mm. This product is specially developed by JEPAT in accordance with the GJB technical standards related to the adjacent space environment. The integration level is very high, and the technology is currently exclusive in China. Its product model is LPT000-02200-08180-1060-2110-2701-22S-FO02-HF02, which integrates high-power power supply module (voltage 270VAC), weak current signal module, optical signal module and radio frequency signal module, among which the optical signal module uses 2-way multi-mode optical fiber slip ring, the working frequency of its radio frequency signal module is 1.2~1.65GHz, this module adopts the wiring method of ordinary slip ring, instead of using a special high-frequency rotary joint.


Although this conductive slip ring is large in size and has many functions, its protection level has reached IP65. In order to ensure the reliability of the product, it adopts a special structural design, and each module is physically isolated separately, and the signal anti-interference ability is strong. This makes this integrated slip ring capable of anti-vibration and impact at one time, and meets the requirements of EMC electromagnetic compatibility. In addition to this multi-module large-scale integrated slip ring, JEPAT also has a large number of small integrated conductive slip rings. These products are basically used in high-altitude and adjacent space floating air balloons and airships for scientific research, and the integrated functions are also different.