How Slip Rings Work for Gimbals and Stabilizers

November 28, 2019
Latest company news about How Slip Rings Work for Gimbals and Stabilizers

JINPAT is a sophisticated designer and manufacturer of slip rings for different industries. These days, we have exported a batch capsule slip rings to Australia manufacturer of gimbals and stabilizer. JINPAT slip rings have been serviced gimbals and stabilizer for more than 2 decades years. Jinpat masters all types of gimbals and stabilizer structures and provides the optimized slip rings.


To accommodate the limited installation space of the gimbals and stabilizer, Jinpat engineering team regulate the dimension of capsule slip rings. And we can redesign the current and circuits of your slip rings according to your gimbals and stabilizer’s requirements. The IP Grade of Jinpat slip rings can be optional based on your gimbals and stabilizer working environment. Jinpat capsule integrated slip rings make your gimbals and stabilizer’s pan axis smoothly continuous rotate at all speed while steadily transmitting the power and signal.