How to Extend Service Life of Conductive Slip Rings?

September 11, 2017
Latest company news about How to Extend Service Life of Conductive Slip Rings?

At present, more and more fields and industries are using slip rings, especially in high-end precision device. These precise devices have high maintenance cost and is strict to technology. So some conductive slip ring users often ask such question “how to prolong the service life of the conductive slip ring”, JINPAT sales engineers summed up some knowledge about how to extend life of conductive slip ring and now we share it together:


1. When choosing slip rings, you need to supply relative information to the manufacturer according to your equipment so that the manufacturer can provide you with products or design plan accurately, which includes number of channels, rated current / voltage, connection mode, operating speed, temperature, transmission signal type and so on.


2. When using slip rings, please follow our installation guide to mount the slip ring and avoid exceeding the max. Current or voltage that the slip ring can load.


3. Avoid working for a long time at high temperature or low temperature environment. Generally the normal temperature range is -40℃~+80℃. A loss of service life will occur rapidly If it’s beyond this range, and even some serious damages will happen, except for the special conductive slip ring, such as high and low temperature slip rings.


4.It should be placed in dry, non corrosive gas, no strong acid, strong alkali erosion place, so as to avoid metal parts rust and the reduction of insulation performance of the electrical components . Except for special slip rings, such as acid-base resistance slip rings and so on


5. The slip ring can not withstand the external impact of gravity, otherwise it will cause the deformation of the collector ring and the internal structure will be affected too.



Maybe there will be other factors that can affect the service life of slip rings. So users should pay attention to these cases and avoid some problems when using slip rings. it’s also important to maintain the slip ring regularly.