Why Slip Rings Are Used in a Wind Turbine?

September 4, 2017
Latest company news about Why Slip Rings Are Used in a Wind Turbine?

When using wind turbine,the blade rotates 360 degrees continuously, the wire should be connected to the rotating parts, which often encounters wire wound problems, in order to solve this problem, a rotary connector,namely slip ring ,are often used to transfer power and signal.

Customizable parameters of slip rings in a wind turbine

1. Optical fiber data transmission is optional

2. Specify the number of channels according to the requirements of customers

3. Different design models of encoder are optional

4. Power transmission can be as high as 300A

Main features of LPW wind power slip ring in wind turbine

1. Small size, easy installation

2. multi-channel signal transmission, anti-interference design

3. double rail contact design - long life

4. Easy to plug design

5. Equipped with temperature controller for different environments

6.Free maintenance

Founded in 2004, with 11years’ experience, Jinpat has been applied to electronic R & D and production of large-scale wind power equipment for wind power generation LPW ring series, it is suitable for the power generation of wind power equipment in the 0.75 - 5.0MW, protection grade is high, and the oil spill work to solve the problem of our internal ring gear box. The sealing device is added to the rotor joints, which can prevent the oil into, but also affect the rotor torque. And in recent years the weather changes, to prevent bad long time high (low) temperature, low temperature and cooling device installed automatic heating device, in order to ensure the reliability of the product.