Slip Ring in Crane

August 29, 2017
Latest company news about Slip Ring in Crane

Crane's development and use in the market are becoming more and more wide, now a lot of projects need to use lifting equipment: machinery, metallurgy, chemical, mining, forestry and so on. A lot of equipment in crane needs slip rings to do the transmission. The conductive slip rings on the crane are mainly installed at the rotary center, which is used for the power and signal transmission between the lifts of the crane. The main purpose of increasing the space of the electrical machinery collector ring is to prevent short circuit due to sudden lifting,reduce the probability of the surface ablation. At the same time,this series of slip rings are generally exposed to dust, the current and size are large,the slip rings also need to be subjected to special requirements like high shockproof and low temperature to ensure reliability and long service life.


1.High reliability of the product, can adapt to the long work time of crane.


2.Protection Grade:IP68,Housing Material:Aluminium alloy, can adapt to dusty and exposed working environment.


3.Alloy brush structure,precious metal contact(silver to silver),excellent conduction,Low signal transmission loss,Enhance product reliability and service life.


4.High shockproof structure design,suitable for the high-vibration working environment of crane.


5.Special design for low temperature resistance,stable working temperature :—55℃---+100℃.


6. installing a certain specification and size of absolute encoder and potentiometer according to customer's requirement.


7.Connecting the line according to customer's requirement and the number of signal rings can be selected,power section can reach 1000A.