Industrial Slip Ring Application On Hi-End Industrial Equipment

June 14, 2017
Latest company news about Industrial Slip Ring Application On Hi-End Industrial Equipment

Generally surface smooth of miniature slip ring affects directly the quality of electrical device. It’s related to spark during motor operation, the wear of carbon brush and working life. At present most manufacturers control quality after cutting based on experience, which bring the hidden danger to product quality. Domestic famous companies use import device to solve this problem. But their price can’t be accepted by ordinary manufacturers. In this case, our slip ring products have good cost performance, and it can reach foreign products performance. But the advantage of price and service is obvious.


Commutator types consists of hook, groove type, flat type and other specifications. It adopts imported raw materials. Its performance reaches to international advanced level. And it’s widely applied electrical tools, household appliances, cars, motors and other fields. The collector, carbon brush holder and wiring board have all kinds of specifications and models. They are used in automobile generator. The commutator is used as a rectifier, whose function is to make the current direction of the armature winding alternative, so as to ensure that the electromagnetic torque direction remains unchanged.


In hi-end industrial fields, when machinery device rotate in 360 degree, it needs multiple rotating on rotor unit. If industrial slip ring needs running, no doubt, it needs power such as electrical power and fluid pressure energy. Sometimes it needs control signals power such as fiber optic signal and high frequent signals. Any relative continuous rotation electrical unit needs to transit function power, weak signals, optic signals, pressure, hydraulic pressure and other power media to make sure that electrical device can rotate free. That must use rotary connecting device.