Attraction Of High Frequency Rotary Joint

July 4, 2017
Latest company news about Attraction Of High Frequency Rotary Joint

High frequency rotary joint transmits ultra - large capacity data and signal transmission for stator and rotor, which provides efficient solutions. High frequency rotary joint is used in continuous rotary device. It can transmit high frequency signal between rotor part and stator part.


This series of slip ring divides single channel high frequency and multiple channels high frequency. LPHF series designs for transmitting high frequency signal and max. up to 50GHz.


High frequency rotary joints often use SMA/BNC/MCX and other RF connector. Our company uses interface equipped with RG316 cable reel or 2.5mm wire surface or 1.5mm cable reel insulator.


According to application field, you can choose 50Ω or 75Ω insulation. According to installation space, you can choose horizontal or vertical outlet. The smallest outer diameter of single circuit is 6.8mm. It can transmit HD-SDI digital HD video signal.

High frequency slip ring emulates coaxial cable structure. The contact material adopts high - intensity elasticity, wear-resistance and anti-fatigue chemical compositions. It has good performance; At the same time, it adopts electric sealing structure and strong interference immunity.


Features of high frequency rotary joint:



1 Can transmit high frequency signal and high rate signal

2 Frequency range can reach to 50GHz or higher

3 Low attenuation loss and low wear

4 Ultra-low insertion loss and transmitting fluctuation

5 Transmitting multi types of signals at the same time

6 Superior handling of low level control signals




1 Radar antenna and military system device

2 Air traffic control; missile defense system

3 Medical engineering equipment

4 Satellite communication system

5 Video monitoring system