JINPAT Slip Ring Application On Newly Triple Revolving Billboard

July 12, 2017
Latest company news about JINPAT Slip Ring Application On Newly Triple Revolving Billboard

With the development of society and progress of technology, triple revolving billboard has been gotten wide application. Traditional triple revolving billboard needs to be upgraded and brightened, as the knock-out pin of triple revolving billboard can’t reach the requirements of new triple revolving billboard for brightening. Now new LED triple revolving billboard features with conductive slip ring device inside on upside parts. And conductive slip ring consists stator, rotor, stator input wire, the rotor output wire, the rotor device connected to the upper triangular cover and the rotor output wire through the upper triangular cover is connected with the LED module.


JINPAT slip ring combines drive principle of traditional triple revolving billboard and slip ring technology, which solves coiling, breakage, unstable signal transmission, high torque, high resistance, non-flexible rotation, short life, difficult to maintain and other problems of LED revolving billboard and ordinary LED triple revolving billboard.


Technical Advantage Of JINPAT slip ring


1 High protection grade and water-proof and dust-proof

2 Adopts domestic advanced military grade high standard surface processing technology; internal structure is more precise and more compact

3 Use gold on gold to ensure the stability and working life

4 Compact structure, low torque and compatible with data bus protocols

5 Ultra-low resistance

6 Can be customized according to customers’ needs


JINPAT slip ring has been sold over hundred of countries and areas. It acquires always recognition and praise of customers.